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Puppies & Babies

Clark & Satya

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Why is it when you don’t have a dog it seems everyone else does? Kind of like being pregnant. Right? Or not.

We’ve lost our family dog to the heavens above. With her gone…months past…I have peace with death. She’s happier in a happy/ healthy body with her loved ones that went before.

Everyone asks when we’ll get another dog. Who knows. Puppies are a lot of work. I’ve already got two kids I’m potty training. Do I really need another ‘kid’ at this time? I don’t think so.

BUT. I do miss having a dog around. I think our home is absent of a pet and I know one is in our future. My kids are missing out on having a dog to play with. Just let me handle my two kids better first and then we’ll add a pup to the mix.



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I just had to show off the snowman my husband made this week! We are so impressed with its size. The bottom part alone is 3 feet tall.

My daughter loves the snow this year and loves to help Daddy pack in the snow! She’s learning skills that will last forever.

Just so you all know–yes he is sporting a huge BYU scarf.

Finally, A Response To Your Question


hello and thanks for your questions!!!

how do our kids build loving and lasting friendships with each other? my sister and i tormented each other our whole childhood and even now in adulthood but we love and trust each other more than anyone else. i think siblings are brought on earth to torture each other to prepare us for the real world and Plus, boys are a different mold! They are seriously a different breed! they are full of energy and isn’t it fun to pick on someone and see what the reaction is going to be? (not for us but kids love it). just yesterday my daughter squirted the entire bottle of lotion all over her room. for her, it must have been so much fun to watch it spray and drip everywhere. even though we’re going to have to get a steam cleaner out here–the room does smell lovely. they don’t realize the consequences of an action until they learn through trying. discipline is key–not to sound harsh.

believe it or not but you are not alone! my daughter is mean to her little brother all the time. my neighbor’s kids do the same thing too.  it seems most people i’ve known throughout the years have struggled with one or more of their siblings.  i wouldn’t worry about them too much now because they are building a bond even if we can’t see it.

my daughter was a little princess until i brought my son home from the hospital. for the first few months–i feared for my son’s life (and my 3 pound’s dogs’ life). she throws herself on top of him, grabs him by the neck and drags him, kicks him and pushes him.

I really believe in LOVE & LOGIC. it is a wonderful disciplinary technique. you can start it at any age. when my daughter is misbehaving–all I have to say is, “uh-oh, looks like you need some quiet time in your room…that’s so sad. you may come out when you are nice” what’s amazing is–all of her toys are in the room but just because she’s having “time-out” per say, she is mad and really understands.

you don’t have to explain what they did wrong. the less words- the better.

don’t give them warnings. just lovingly take them straight to their rooms. but don’t discipline them for every little thing.

please, check out their site. www.loveandlogic.comthey have CDs, books, DVDs for all age groups. this has change our lives for the better. i’m not going to lie, i have my bad days.

i really feel they are bonding with each other everyday. it may surprise you soon that he might be very protective of her. i would like to read up on building friendships amongst siblings and get back to you because that is really important. Praying helps. Sadly, it’s not my first response to trouble but it should be.

the baby blues stink! i can’t admit to having them after birth but i had depression during this past pregnancy. i didn’t want to go outside. i didn’t want to talk to anyone. i felt uncomfortable in my own skin. i didn’t know what i wanted. i just wanted to be in bed all day and cry.–now my blues consist of what you said. being stuck with kids all day is hard work and you NEED a break! my husband will say, “you have a car–pack up the kids and go somewhere!” i scream in my head–that’s the problem–i need to get away from the kids not bring them with me. he’s spends 8 hours a day working at his job just being himself, you and i spend sometimes 24 hours working and it is mentally and physically exhausting. especially, when we’re constantly breaking up fights and worrying if our children are safe from the other one or the house (my son is getting into everything). we are loving guardians protecting the home who deserve time off (once a week or more). if you’re married–leave the kids with your hubby and take some YOU time. you don’t have to spend money–just the act of being alone is (cliche) priceless or go out and have girls night with friends. this will help tremendously. this is your prescription- now go get it filled and take one at least once a week!

thanks for coming to my site. i love talking mommy stuff. i hope you can find comfort in something i’ve said. good luck!

Pumpkin Power

Pumpkin Power

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Happy Halloween!

Keep all your little pumpkins in a row!



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Isn’t this photo cool? I found it on flickr–they have the best pics–you should check it out if you’re ever bored.

Do you know I refuse to go to McDonalds?! I personally think it’s disgusting.

My mother is really into the Monopoly Game right now–so I actually went for her and bought some food for my kids!

I’m such a bad mother!

The Autumn

My favorite time of year! It’s finally here. I wade seasons of blistering below freezing temperatures and blistering 100 degree weather just to come right back to this beautiful point in time.

It’s hard to be outside when the weather is out of sorts. Yes, it may be a bit chilly one day and too windy the next but I prefer this change. I love the holidays.

Bring on the wassail.

What amazes me is how quickly the seasons do come and go. Before I realize it, a year has gone and my kids are growing and changing. They’re doing new things each week.

My son is 8 months old now and he’s very busy. He so squirmy, he’s hard to hold but he wants to be held! He gets into things my 2 daughter never paid any attention to. We have to baby proof the house all over again. Who would have thought? He’s at the point where he pulls himself up on EVERYTHING but is unable to get himself back down. Unfortunately, his landings are rougher than they should be. I’m hoping he’ll figure it out soon because his bruises are adding up and there are only so many pillows I can put out.

We’re embracing Halloween this year. Togetherness as a family unit. Dressing up, carving pumpkins and being united are our goals this season. My daughter is very excited to dress up as Cinderella and is very scared of our Halloween decorations on the porch. Hopefully, she’ll be able to handle Halloween night!

We’re Missing Daddy

B&W Tear

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It’s official! We prefer to have the whole family together at all times!

My husband’s been out of town and it became exhaustingly aware that he is a great asset to our family.

He sure stepped up his game when our 2nd child arrived. Not that he was ever a bad father. BUT now he’s awesome!

I love him so much and can’t wait for his return.

The Potty is BUSY!


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Guess who is finally using the potty? Well, since I’ve been only talking about my daughter–it’s her!

She’s done #1 & #2, which is a shock because I thought #2 was much harder to do.

This is very exciting for a Mother. Hopefully, we’ll be saving money on diapers! YES!

The Lonely Potty

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OK, We’ve watched the Potty Power videos! We have the kid potty and the potty seat to put on top of the toilet. We have the pull-ups (which make no difference to my daughter). We have the Cinderella underpants.

She sleeps throughout the night without wetting her diaper. This is a great sign and signal.

She asks to use the potty. It’s still mostly a reading chair for my 2 year old…BUT….she sat down the other night on her little potty and tootled (that’s our word for letting out gas). I think this is awesome progress!

I see a busy potty coming soon!

Snoozin’ Around


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There is nothing like both of your children asleep at the same time!

I take full advantage and take a 20 minute power nap alongside them.

You can’t call me lazy–my infant wakes me up in the middle of the night. Interrupted sleep interferes with REM making your sleep-time not as productive which in turns makes you sluggish throughout the day!

Take a nap! You deserve it, Mom! There is time to clean and cook when they are awake!

Sometimes I lay next to my kids in bed and just watch them and listen to them breathe. I’m amazed at them. I can’t believe I created those darling beings! What a miracle.